Diamonds of Exceptional Quality

World’s largest manufacturer of polished diamond under 0.07 pointer

Exhibiting Confidence & Faith

Our stellar team of executives is exceptional at what it does. While exhibiting confidence & faith, they are thorough in their work to drive top-notch results and believe in the future of the brand.

Onwards & Upwards Since 2003

What started as a small company by first-gen entrepreneurs in Gujarat is now a preferred choice of big jewelry houses across the globe.

Craftsmanship Mingled With Process

We follow scientific processes with a pinch of craftsmanship to bring forth eloquence in diamonds.

Terrain to Tremendous

From a piece in the terrain to a piece of elegance.

Artistry At Its Best

We perform our work like it is an act of art. Here’s a glimpse of what we do to create what we create.

Upcoming Events

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Our Alliances