An Act of Kindness

Our activists rescue aging cows and undertake welfare activities for sick & stray cows in Bhavnagar, Gujarat. We are taking care of 400 cows and our mission is to quadruple the number by the end of 2022.

Educating The Next Generation

We encourage education by providing scholarships, planning excursions & field trips for various schools, and organizing education seminars for youth with a view to promoting good causes among them every year.

Leaving Behind A Greener Earth

We contribute to the planting of more than 200 trees for the environmental conservation cause, every year, by running an Annual Tree Plantation drive which features the members of the HDE group as both the participants as well as the initiators of this social cause.

Towards A Cleaner Habitat

Inspired by the Swachh Bharat Abhiyan Campaign, we initiate Cleanliness drives twice every year to contribute a small part to the preservation of environmental hygiene.

Blood Donation, Best Donation

Every year, we organize 3 blood donation drives in which thousands of people come & offer their precious blood, for the welfare of the society, which is sent to various hospitals with the single aim to treat the needy ones.