Diamond Processing

To the non-professional, an unpolished rough diamond appears to be very much like a dull piece of glass. Only when it is polished and facetted, it ascends to its full glory, displaying the sparkling brightness and splash of colours for which it is famous. From the time the diamond is transformed from a rough stone into a gem set in an item of jewellery, it has lost half of its weight.



A diamond is marked in order to determine how it may be cut to the greatest advantage. Traditionally, an experienced diamond expert used an Indian ink pen to do this. More recent methods involve computer-aided design systems that analyze the stone, and then mark their surface using a very precise laser beam.


Cutting is a method of splitting a diamond parallel to the direction of crystal grain with a single blow. It is done to divide the stone into two or more pieces, or in order to remove impurities or irregularities. Sawing is a method of splitting a diamond against the grain of the crystal.

4p Process

4p process involves the shaping of the base of a diamond, by which it more or less receives its form as a polished diamond. The circumference of the cut stone forms the shape of the girdle, which is the narrow band that encompasses the edge of the plane separating the crown and the pavilion of a polished gemstone. 4p process can be done manually but most of it is done mechanically today. More modern cutting methods involve laser beams.


Polishing is the process which facets the diamond. The most popular polished diamond is a round brilliant, which has a total of 57 facets – the upper place, or table facet; the crown or section above the girdle, which includes 32 facets; and pavilion, or section below the girdle, which includes 24 facets.

Diamond Gauging

Gauging describe the specific characteristics of a diamond. Diagram of the stone and a description of its shape, including exact measurements, proportions and depth percentages.

Final Produce

And finally, after days of precise concentration & work, we bring the whole process to an end with a magnificent produce of a royally lustrous diamond, crafted with care to beautify you.